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Core Capabilities

Delivering the most difficult to manufacture mission-critical components and assemblies.

Vitesse leverages a foundation in vacuum brazing, with expertise in precision machining and component assembly, to provide an integrated supply chain solution.

Technical Specification Development

Vitesse launches each new project with a detailed technical review to ensure each design meets functionality and environmental requirements.

Design Optimization & Validation

Vitesse has developed a rigorous design optimization process, led by a dynamic engineering team, to collaboratively refine designs, and develop prototypes prior to production.

Project Management

Vitesse employs a dedicated team with expertise in program management to ensure customer requirements are incorporated into the design and a project is delivered on-time.

Specialized Manufacturing Capabilities

All critical manufacturing processes are carried out in-house including CNC precision machining, vacuum brazing, complex assembly, and heat treating.

In-House Testing/Quality Verification

In-process inspection and non-destructive testing operations are incorporated into the manufacturing process to ensure part compliance prior to certification.

Production Optimization and Capacity

Vitesse’s proprietary manufacturing techniques and investments in production capacity enable processes to be scaled to meet long-term customer and program growth plans.

Engineering & Design

Additive Manufacturing

Vacuum Brazing

Dip Brazing

Precision Machining


Heat Treating



End to End Manufacturing

Vitesse Systems provides a full range of services to support the end-to-end manufacturing of mission-critical components and assemblies for electronic warfare, radar, and next-generation communications systems.