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Vitesse Systems is your premier source for complex fully integrated, thermal and antenna solutions.

How we communicate, capture, and share information has not changed significantly in our lifetime—it has changed significantly in the last decade, even in the last year. From a vacationer checking email as they fly across the world to a U.S. military service member sharing critical observations across the battlefield, the ability to capture and transfer data over different platforms is an important part both of our everyday lives and the security of our country.  Whether on a geostationary satellite, a naval vessel, or a military jet, the mission-critical solutions that we design and manufacture at Vitesse make our country and our world safer.

Through extensive technical expertise, Vitesse Systems is optimizing the functionality of antenna and thermal management systems for the advancement of next-generation Radar, Electronic Warfare, and C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence) systems.

Vitesse Systems prides itself on the solutions we provide to our customers, as well as the incredible team of dedicated people we employ.

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