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Environmental Testing Capabilities

Vitesse Systems can test whether our builds (or yours) will survive the mechanical stresses and strains introduced during the defense and space applications, as well as the vacuum and thermal environments presented during orbit.


Vitesse Systems has the capabilities required to provide full space qualification with our Unholtz-Dickie T-2000 series shaker system.

We have a 40 channel DAQ which allows vertical and horizontal axis support at up to 20,000 lbf.

Our experience with over 350 completed analyses has set us up to work with your vibrational requirements.

Pressure Drop

Vitesse Systems has the capabilities required to provide qualification and acceptance liquid flow testing.

With capability to flow nearly any fluid, Vitesse Systems is prepared to test and qualify any liquid cooled solution.

Thermal Cycling

Vitesse Systems has nitrogen atmosphere thermal chambers. These are used to thermal cycle units across the broad temperature range required by the satellite industry: -160 to +250 °C.

Additionally, we commonly evaluate RF performance at these temperature extremes.

Thermal Vacuum Chamber

Vitesse Systems has a LACO TVAC for testing units in a low pressure environment from -160 to +250 °C.

We currently have high power amplifiers over Ka-, X/Ku-, S/C- and K-Bands. Other bands accommodated at request.