Phased Array Antenna and Diplexer Manufacturing

Vitesse Systems provides an array of phased array antenna and diplexer solutions for various microwave applications. Whether the assembly is splitting, combining, or filtering RF signals, they must be precisely manufactured to meet RF performance requirements.

The complex geometries of waveguide components demand the highest levels of precision in the manufacturing process. Vitesse Systems leverages extensive knowledge in customized tooling for precision CNC machining, the most advanced EDM (Electrical discharge machining) capabilities, and historical dip and vacuum brazing expertise to manufacture complex waveguide assemblies. These assemblies are comprised of multiple layers of intricate waveguide geometries that are vacuum brazed together to create a solid assembly with optimal RF performance. This combination of critical manufacturing processes enables Vitesse Systems to manufacture the most intricate phased array antenna and diplexer assemblies in the industry.

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Quality in complex engineered solutions

All Vitesse Systems locations are AS9100:2016 certified and provide the highest quality design and manufactured solutions.

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