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Industry-leading Brazing Solutions

Vitesse Systems is focused on meeting the needs for efficient vacuum furnace brazing.

Vacuum furnace brazing is a metal joining process that takes place in a chamber known as a vacuum furnace at well below atmospheric pressure. This joining technique offers significant advantages including durable, clean, flux-free braze joints of high structural integrity.

This brazing process is what enables signal cleanliness for microwave applications. The clean and controlled brazing process ensures the precision machined waveguide channels remain clear while providing a complete bond enclosing the waveguide channels. These two results of the brazing process produce high-performance waveguide assemblies with improved clarity and reduced signal loss.

Similarly, the vacuum brazing process provides a high strength joint between a liquid cavity and a cover which form internal fluid passageways. These passages are critical to high-performance liquid cooling. The vacuum brazing process empowers the engineering team to design an effective heat transfer pathway to remove heat from high power electronics chips, boards, and assemblies. Once brazed, the liquid channels can withstand high pressures to ensure a reliable hermetic seal within the liquid cooling system.

Vitesse Systems has a wide variety of brazing capabilities that can support the brazing of aluminum and high temperature alloys.
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and ceramic are all applicable materials for using the vacuum furnace brazing technique.
    • Applicable standards specified by the AWS C3.7 Brazing Specification and AMS 2750 Pyrometry Specification for aluminum brazing.
    • Applicable standards specified by the AWS C3.6 Brazing Specification and AMS 2750 Pyrometry Specification for steels, stainless steels, copper, nickel, etc.