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RF Engineering Focus

Vitesse Systems has 20+ years of RF design heritage. This experience enables us to design manufacturable components without the need for prototyping or tuning. We can meet your design requirements starting from the ground up, or we can help you optimize an existing design for RF performance and manufacturability. Our focus is always on integrating components into smaller and lighter builds while meeting and exceeding RF requirements.

Our focus is to create an optimized integrated solution which simplifies your design process while delivering maximum performance.  Our engineering team uses the most sophisticated software alongside an encyclopedia of past design knowledge.  This design and development process eliminates the need to iterate on designs and prototypes.

RF Engineering Toolkit:
    • Antenna reflector surface shaping
    • Array coefficient optimization in multi-feed reflectors
    • Direct radiating array optimization
    • Analysis and design of reflector antennas
    • Antenna feed and network simulation
  • Microwave Wizard
    • Mode Matching EM CAD
  • CST Microwave Studio
    • 3D EM Simulation