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Effective Heat Transfer with Liquid Cold Plates

Cold plates are a way to transfer heat effectively and efficiently from high powered electronics to a cooling liquid that flows though the plate and transports it to another location to be dissipated. All Vitesse Systems liquid cold plates are custom designed for the end application. Our vacuum brazed construction provides a fully customizable solution that can be used to simply cool single electronics boards all the way to an integrated RF radiator/cold plate assembly.

Cold Plate Manufacturing

Vitesse Systems Newark was founded on a long history of vacuum brazing and provides the highest quality brazed products in the industry.  Each cold plate is broken down into pre-brazed components per Vitesse standards to ensure the best brazing configuration.  After brazing, Vitesse has a variety of vertical and horizontal machining centers to scale with the volume demands.

Materials options include:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • CuNi
  • Contact us for other required materials

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Quality in complex engineered solutions

All Vitesse Systems locations are AS9100:2016 certified and provide the highest quality design and manufactured solutions.

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