Core Values

At Vitesse Systems, our core values, which are unified across our multiple locations, drive an environment of employee empowerment and innovation. Our management team enables this environment to promote collaboration and continuous learning throughout the organization.

Customer satisfaction is our primary mission which is executed through our three core values: Innovation, Ownership, and Transparency. We provide our team with an understanding of expectations and drive a focus on achieving individual milestones that support overall success.


At Vitesse Systems our team members ask, “Is this the best solution?” or “Can we do this a better way?”. These questions are key to critical thinking which drive innovation daily at Vitesse. Our team is empowered to think freely to generate new ideas and better solutions to the hardest problems.


The Vitesse team takes ownership seriously by honoring our commitments and taking pride in our work. At Vitesse, the expectation is set to demonstrate a relentless work ethic that achieves measured results. We own the success of the organization and our customers solutions.


At Vitesse, transparency includes respect, trust, honesty, and teamwork. The expectation is that we are open and honest in our communications with others. This atmosphere stimulates continuous learning, collaboration and known expectations.

Five Tenets


Encourage development of ourselves, our processes, our company, and our community

Continuously Improve

A relentless focus on process improvement and best-in-class quality


Speed with a direction and purpose, without compromise


Time, Wellness, Activity


We are more powerful as a team than individuals