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Feed Array Design & Production

We have focused on continuous improvement to our feed array methodologies for the last 20 years. The impacts are clear in our cost-efficient feed arrays that are smaller and lighter while meeting or exceeding RF performance requirements.

Single & Multi-band Feed Assemblies

Vitesse systems consistently delivers high-performance single and multi-band feed assemblies that are competitive on mass, form factor, and price. We have designed, manufactured, tested, and delivered thousands of feed assemblies for demanding space and ground applications, including the following bands: L1/L2/L5, L/S/C/X/Ku/Ka, S/C/Ku, L/C/Ku, S/C/X, L/C/X, C/Ku, C/Ka, X/X/Ka, X/Ka, Ku/K/Ka, K/Ka, K/Ka/Q, K/Q, Ka/Q, K/V, Ka/V and V/W.

Integrated Feed Networks

Our optimized design system enables our engineers to produce highly-integrated units. This results in a smaller number of part numbers, lower costs, smaller form factors, and less mass — setting up your integrations for success.

Our process has helped us produce feed networks for hundreds of satellites without the need for fasteners or tuning screws.

Tracking Feeds

Vitesse Systems can help you add tracking capabilities to existing communication feeds with minimal to no impact on current performance. This is accomplished by introducing a compact tracking mode extraction network between the horn and feed network. We have successfully provided this type of additional tracking ability at K, Ka, and V-band.

Another option to introduce additional tracking capabilities that we have previously delivered is a four horn monopulse network.

Please reach out to discuss which solution would be best for your application.

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