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Tight Tolerance Thermal Solutions

Vitesse Systems is focused on meeting the needs for efficient thermal solutions in the aerospace and defense industries.

Vitesse Systems’ team of engineers have the ability to design and optimize thermal solutions for the most complex problems.  Our tight tolerance, thermal solutions that maximize cooling for critical high-power applications.

Air Cooled Chassis

Air Cooled Heatsinks

Liquid Cold Plates

Liquid Cooled Chassis

The increased use of electronics in military and aerospace applications require higher-powered and more complex components.  Electronics systems are constantly evolving into faster, lighter, and smaller versions of their predecessors.  The decrease in footprint combined with the increase in heat generation has created a demand for more complex thermal management solutions.  Vitesse Systems offers the most cutting-edge thermal management solutions to ensure the successful operation of these systems in mission critical situations.  Vitesse leverages years of vacuum and dip brazing experience to manufacture highly complex thermal solutions.  From vacuum brazed liquid cold plates to dip brazed convection cooled chassis, Vitesse has a solution for every application.

Vitesse Systems custom thermal solutions include:
  • Liquid Cold Plates
  • Liquid Cooled Chassis Assemblies (Vacuum Brazed)
  • Air-Cooled Heat Sinks
  • Liquid Cooled Platens
  • Convection Cooled Chassis (Dip Brazed)

Quality in complex engineered solutions

  • AS9100 Certified
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
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