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Antenna and Thermal Management Solutions

Vitesse Systems is focused on meeting the needs for high-performance thermal management and antenna solutions in the most demanding applications.

Providing precision manufacturing solutions, Vitesse Systems ensures high quality products with fast transition times from production to market. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer comprehensive services, ranging from prototyping to assembly, testing and supply chain management for the most complex Aerospace and Defense applications.




Advanced Electronics & Other Defense

Our expert staff consults with each client, gaining a thorough understanding of the project requirements. With our technical expertise, creativity, and attention to detail, we can solve the most complex, precise aerospace and defense manufacturing challenges, always meeting our clients’ business objectives.  The ability to produce the most difficult to manufacture solutions a quality Vitesse Systems takes pride in.

Combining our lean manufacturing philosophy with years of manufacturing expertise, we can help our clients out-pace their competitors with the most advanced thermal and microwave solutions on the market.

Manufacturing high-quality products with velocity (speed and precise direction) is core to the Vitesse Systems thinking.