Highly Engineered Microwave Components

Vitesse Systems is focused on meeting the needs for efficient microwave solutions in the aerospace and defense industries.

Vitesse is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered components and systems that improve signal resolution, minimize return loss, and improve overall antenna functionality.




Reflector Antennas

The modernization of military communication networks will continue to drive demand for interconnected communication devices that connect the four domains.  Vitesse leverages a foundation in vacuum brazing, with expertise in precision machining and component assembly, to provide your integrated RF solution.

Vitesse specializes in vacuum brazed waveguide assemblies, with vacuum furnace brazing capabilities that meet the most stringent industry standards specified by the AWS C3.6 and C3.7 Brazing Specifications.
Vitesse Systems custom microwave solutions include:
  • Radiators
  • Diplexers
  • Phased Array Antenna
  • Horns